About Us

We are professional tuners concentrating on European vehicles in Australia since 2009. Our core brands include VW, Audi and others in the VAG group as well as the local diesel offerings. Recently we’ve started adding other popular European performance models mainly BMW and AMG but there are more to follow. We are one of only a couple of companies in the country that actually have the ability to to fully edit files right here on site and when necessary we can even do it all trackside. Whilst this is not the cheapest way to operate it’s really the only way to stay in the game long term plus it gives us a distinct advantage over the majority of companies popping up here ….. we’d like to keep it this way too.
With VAG and some other brands we normally work closely with respected overseas experts, Revlimit ECU tuning in Greece and as with our own tunes our editing ability allows us to tailor these tunes to suit our fuel and environmental condition’s. The formula works very well.
We are slowly expanding our network in Australia with frequent visits to the east and west coast and soon, Covid permitting, SE Asia so if you or your workshop is a cut above the rest prepared to properly log vehicle data and willing to learn how we work then please contact us.