Welcome to Recode Tuning Systems. We specialise in custom and staged tuning of factory and aftermarket ECU’s in many European, Japanese and Australian built vehicles. We cover many cars, light commercials and trucks in all variants whether they be turbocharged, supercharged, naturally aspirated, petrol or diesel. We also have the capability to tune tractors, generators, agricultural equipment, boats and even jet skis.

We have an ever growing suite of specialised programming hardware and editing software which allows us to safely modify the data within your cars ECU or TCU specific for your intended purpose – the aim usually being to safely increase the engines power output. Tuning is normally carried out both on the road and/or the workshops Mainline 4WD Dynamometer. We can modify the tune in many ways to suit a desired outcome, examples might include reducing fuel consumption, capped boost for race applications, outright power increases or track specific setups, the choice is up to you.

ReCode Tunings Systems openly partner’s and credit’s some of the worlds best tuners in Europe and the US as this allows us to keep producing quality solutions in areas that we might not normally cover. We have a number of skilled dealers around the country