Tuning Procedure

After determining what the customer is seeking with their vehicle and the hardware in place we then decide how we are going to achieve these goals through ECU reprogramming.
We typically write to the ECU or TCU with our choice of Programmer, Dimsport’s Genius or Trasdata, bFlash’s awesome new tool or the Magic Motorsports Flex. We also use other programmers for specific applications eg HpTuners, Bitbox and Tactrix, APR and Integrated Engineering’s offerings for the VAGs plus a few more, then there’s the standalones and in some case’s we even bring out the old school eprom burner.
Having this choice allows us to carry a range of operations, Gearbox and ECU cloning, immobiliser deletes, ECU recovery from bad flashes (no not us 🙂 ) basically anything that involves moving data on or off the ECU or TCU