Tuning Procedure

If your vehicle is supported, we connect a device to your car's diagnostic port and we take a copy of the car's current ROM data. This contains all the information that controls how the engine operates. We store a copy of the vehicles original rom file and email the owner an additional copy if desired. This is done should the owner require it at a later stage. We then commence modifying the data as per the customer's request, normally this would be done with the aim of increasing the engine's power output but there are cases where fuel efficiency is the goal. You want an 8000 rpm Rev limit - easy, lean out your mixtures to suit larger injectors no problem.

Except in the case of some of our generic reflashes, we usually use the original file extracted from the car itself and not a ROM downloaded from the internet. This is done to alleviate situations where specific vehicle data may exist inside the ROM file. We modify only the tables that require optimisation, everything else stays exactly the same and w hile your car is being modified it remains connected to a high capacity regulated power supply.

Tuning the car's ECU is carried out on Port Hacking Automotive's in-house Mainline 4WD dynamometer. Where possible this is done in real time, or failing this, staged uploads. Everything is datalogged using the Dyno's interface to the vehicle's onboard OBDII diagnostic port or with other more specialised diagnotic interfaces. In the case of aftermarket ECUs, either the dyno or one of our other standalone loggers will be used, often we will use both methods. This data is available to the customer if required.


Older Vehicles

With some cars prior to 2000 accessing the data contained inside the ECU's memory chips can only be achieved by physically removing the Eeprom or Eprom from the ECU board. We can do this too(see the Gallery section, Audi A3 Turbo).

Essentially the ECU mainboard is removed from its case and and the Eeprom or Eprom memory chip is either removed from a socket or desoldered from the circuit board. The chip is then placed into an eprom programmer and the data extracted. Then as with other methods we begin modifying the various maps within to suit your requirements. The finished code is copied to a fresh replacement Eprom. The new memory chip is then placed into the IC socket and it's ready to go to the dyno for testing.


Modern Vehicles without Serial access

BDMSome vehicles cannot have the data extracted and written to the ECU's memory via the usual communications methods utilising the ODBII port. In this case the ECU needs to be removed from the vehicle and the upgrade takes place using a process known as BDM. Another useful ability is the recovery of failed flashes from other tune providers or home tuners who have run into problems.

We have upgraded our hardware a new Trasdata BDM system to cater for the latest Cars and Trucks from now and into the future.


Who can use our services

Pretty much anyone. We operate out of a workshop in southern Sydney but we do work for other workshops in the metropolitan area and we will come to you if requested. Similarly we can also visit interstate for groups of owners who wish to have their ECU's remapped. In the future we may offer a remote loading option where we send a device to you which contains the modified data ready to upload into your car.

For some cars you can send us the ECU and we ship it back to you once the modification has been completed.

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