Toyota Support, Hilux and Landcruiser

This is a work in Progress section, please check the facebook page for more frequent updates.

Currently we are supplying Asgard Engineering and Port Hacking Automotive with  full tuning solutions for the Toyota D4D range. These are not just simple cut and paste tunes. With the Hiluxes and LC200 we initially tried a few offerings from tune suppliers in Europe and we were less than impressed with outputs obtained, not surprising really because they usually don't have our cars over there. So rather than try and flog this as amazing like everyone else here  :)  we decided to do it ourselves. 

Initially we aim to properly support the Hilux's and Landcruiser V8's (both single and twin Turbo) but more will follow. If you are stuck we can cover any of the others using files from overseas suppliers

This service will be offered by both our NSW  and Perth outlets as well as the occasional road trip for interstate owners

Development is now complete for:

LC200, stock hardware

 LC200, stock turbo full exhaust

LC200 decat

LC200 decat full exhaust intake.

*EGR removal can be carried out for any of the supported ECU's but in many cases and despite popular forum belief this is technically a bad thing as far as lowering EGT's,  so unless the customer really really wants it gone we would suggest leaving the system (or a modified version of it )in place.