VW Golf Mk4 GTI K03S

Just finishing off custom tuning this beastie. Stock power on the Mk4 GTI's on our dyno is ~85 kW at the wheels which is backed up my the 110 kW Engine power quoted by the factory.

With a bit of bolt on hardware the power is now up to a peak of 130.x so its a 45kW gain or 50% increase over stock. Nice ! and its not even a K04 size turbo.

Hardware includes
Bigger Injectors
Turbo back exhaust
K03S turbocharger
Intake with Pod
Rebuilt motor with uprated rods
Custom Tuned of course :)

This is one of the mk4 GTI's we are starting to see and it has a few mods too. A larger FMIC, K03S turbo, bigger injectors (not telling what size :) ), Cold air intake and a few nice mechanicals to go with it. We didn't do the mechanical work on the car but it was sent to us to remap via another workshop since the earlier aftermarket tune was running very lean plus the owner wanted a bit more go and also the potential for even more in the future.

Standard power on these on our dyno is around 80~85kW at the wheels which backs up the claimed engine power of 110kW's.

Solder the programmed chip back in or perhaps use a socket, it depends what we need to do. The example here (an A3 1.8T) has no socket obviously. In cars like this GTI many modifications to the maps are required and each time we need to remove the chip from the ECU, reprogram it then place it back in the car and test again and again until it right

Boost falls off so fast with these tiny snails and the two lines show the difference between two tunes, the top one has a wastegate mod and 1 degree or so of extra timing for example.

One more map after this one to test still

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