DSG TCU Tuning options

DSG Tuning for your DQ250 gearbox

A DSG remap is one of those things that you can enjoy everyday no matter how heavy the traffic or how low the speed limit. The idea is to make the car shift like you would like it to shift under the current conditions. The stock DSG files in the 2007~2013 VAGs are pretty ordinary with regard to shift points and with our files these are completely modified in every gear transition in both D and S modes. Details below.......

There are now three distinct stages of tune available and the first two are available right now. The Stage 3 files will not be available publicly till we are satisfied that things are working correctly but they are being tested atm. Stage 3 is only available to existing customers. Most of our stage 1 files cover what others have in their Stage 3's because really the work involved is simply not that much more and we do an awful lot of these. The shift points for example are sorted locally right he in Sydney with  input from existing customers, mainly because we've already found that most of the files out there are set to shift at speeds that we simply just don't see here in Australia OR they are just plain crap. This development process is quite time consuming but it's not difficult and the end result is well worth it. Typically most customers will opt for the Level 2 DSG file and this is currently $900

It's also worth noting that the new Level 3 tunes have features that are simply not available from any of the larger companies here in Aus and nor can any other Aus provider create files with launch and shift points specifically set up for your application. We know DSG's.

 * MQB DSGs (Mk7R and 8V S3)are not supported at this point in time but we are working on it so please check our Facebook page for the most up to date info. 

*Although we love our DSG options for you, in most instances you do not have to have a DSG remap, it's entirely optional. There are certain cases though - particularly with the TDI's where you may hit a torque limiter and we will let you know if this is going to be a potential issue.

*More transmissions will be supported in the near future and we have limited maps available for the DQ200 and DQ500 TCU's

 Level 1  

Mainly concentrating on...

-dramatically improved shift points in both D and S mode (D is useless in stock form and S is too wild at times.... both are fixed! )

-Modified Launch RPM 

-Some behind the scenes modifications

Level 1 $800


Level 2 and Level 2.5

As with Stage 1 but designed to suit full K03/K04 and Big Turbo applications obviously below the limit of the standard clutch packs, stage 2.5 will cover big turbo cars up those with moderately tuned 2867's

-Improved shift speed -In some models the improvement is quite dramatic (MY11R for example)

-modified or disabled launch RPM (a customer option (to suit our MED9 ECU files with the Antilag and Launch control options )

-improved shift points to cater for big turbo torque delivery (think Lag and it will make sense)

-clutch clamping force and synchronisation modifications

-Rev limit set to match ECU's rev limit

Level 2 $900

Level 2.5 $1000


Level 3

-As with Stage 2 but with modified clutch line pressure to allow 600hp applications on stock clutch packs - no need for SSPs anymore (unless you've gone crazy  ). Only available to our existing big turbo customers

-Full per-gear shift points customised to suit vehicle's engine setup

 *Not recommended for daily drivers